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Title of MasterAuthor's NameScientific TitleCurrent College/InstituteField of StudyYear of GraduationUniversityCountryLink to Download
A Study On The Possible Role Of Some Microorganisms In Rheumatoid Arthritis  Ali Hattem Hussain Bayati Assist Professor Technical College of Health Medicine/Surgery 2004 Baghdad University Iraq  
Structural Charactisation of Al-Li alloy Fryad Jalal Mahmud Assist Lecturer Sulaimani Technical Institute Engineering 2011 The University of Nottingham United Kingdom  
Analysis Measurement and Disclosure Accounting of intellectual Capital and its role in adding Value to the Organization Neshtman Hasan Fattah Assist Lecturer Technical College of Administration Accounting 2011 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
Compete for customers in KIB and CB in light of multinational Islamic banks Burhan Ali Mohammed Assist Lecturer Darbandikhan Techncial Institute Economic 2014 Sheffield Halam University United Kingdom  
Brownfield Land Remediation Khabat muhammad ahmad Assist Lecturer Dukan Techncial Institute Geotechnical Engineering 2009 University of Manchester United Kingdom  
Robust Image Watermark Using Wavelet Technique  Haval Muhammad Sidqi Lecturer Computer Science Institute Computer Science/IT 2010 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
Combination of Steganography and Cryptography on Android Platform Sarkar Hasan Ahmed Assist Lecturer Computer Science Institute Computer Science/IT 2013 Coventry University United Kingdom  
Applicability of the Plate Theories on the Reinforced Concrete Slabs in Elastic Stage and It's Punching Shear Strength in Failure Stage Nasih Habeeb Askandar Assist Lecturer Halabja Techncial Agricultural College Engineering 2011 Salahaddin University Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
Optimum Design of Prestressed Concrete Girders Diar Fatah Abdulrahman Al-Askari Assist Lecturer Technical College of Engineering Engineering 2012 Nottingham University United Kingdom  
Strength and behavior of fiber reinforced concrete deep beams Jamal Muhamad Amen Ahmad Lecturer Sulaimani Technical Institute Engineering 1989 Salahaddin University Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
Synthesis and characterization of meso-substituted porphyrin Muhammad Tahir Muhammad Assist Lecturer Darbandikhan Techncial Institute Organic Chemistry 2014 University Technology Malaysia Malaysia  
Cloning And Expression Of Hemolytic Phospholipase C Precursor Gene (Plch) Of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Into Escherichia Col Hassan Mohammad Tawfeeq Lecturer Kalar Technical Institute Biology/Microbiology 2013 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
Video based face detection using template maching algorithm Yusra Ahmed Salih Assist Lecturer Technical College of Informatics Computer Science/IT 2012 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
الخطاب الاعلامي الدولي وانعكاساته على سيادة الدول في ظل العولمة Yahya Omer Fatah Assist Professor Technical College of Administration Media/Press 2004 Umdurman Islamic University Sudan  
The Impact of the Stakeholders on the Organizational Effectiveness of Small Projects Nigar Ali Mohammed Lecturer Sulaimani Technical Institute Management/Business Administration 2010 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
تحليل سوق الإسكان في مدينة السليمانية خلال 1996-2006 Rizgar Abdlkarim Abdlaziz Assist Lecturer Darbandikhan Techncial Institute Economic 2007 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
?? Abeer Abduljaleel Ibrahim Lecturer Technical College of Health Chemistry/Biochemistry ??  Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
?? Dana Abdilmagid Abdilkarim Lecturer Technical College of Health Medicine/Surgery ?? ??   
Estimation of Some Genetic Parameters for half diallel cross in corn (Zea mays L.) Masood saber muhammed Assist Lecturer Kalar Technical Institute Agriculture 2012 Salahaddin University Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
The Use of Translation in Teaching Conversation to Kurdish EFL Learners at University Level Bayan Tahir Salih Assist Lecturer Technical College of Administration English Langauge 2014 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
Aerobic beta-lactase producer causing otitis media Sazan Jamal Gharib Assist Lecturer Sulaimani Technical Institute Biology/Microbiology 2010 Duhok University Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
مدى فاعلية إدارة العلاقات العامة في تحقيق أهداف المؤسسات الإعلامية الکردی harem karim ghafoor Assist Lecturer Chamchamal Techncial Institute Media/Press 2015 Mansoura University Egypt Click here to download 
"Study type of exit and foot formation during intermittent turning Basim A. Khidhir Lecturer Technical College of Engineering Medicine/Surgery 1991 University of Technology Baghdad Iraq  
Introducing Patients' Rights Charter Into The Health System Of Kurdistan  Ahmed Mohammed Amin Ahmed Assist Lecturer Technical College of Health Medicine/Surgery 2012 University of Leeds United Kingdom Click here to download 
control of two vehicle look ahead system using MRAC controller Aveen Uthman Hassan Assist Lecturer Technical College of Engineering Engineering 2014 University Technology Malaysia Malaysia  
Study of metal flow affected by the geometry of forward hollow extrusion die Ayad Faik Shahab Lecturer Kalar Technical Institute Engineering 1993 University of Technology Baghdad Iraq  
An Investigation of Different Virtual Private Network (VPN) Tools to Propose a Suitable Tool for Mobile Computing Systems Clients Using the Internet Awder Mohammed Ahmed Assist Lecturer Technical College of Informatics Computer Science/IT 2012 University Of Huddersfield United Kingdom  
bakhtyar kamal Mohamed Lecturer Sulaimani Technical Institute Radiology ?? ??   
اسباب فشل انابيب المراجل البخارية في محطة توليدكهرباء جنوب بغداد Sherko Ahmad Flamarz Al-Arkawazi Lecturer Kalar Technical Institute Engineering 1998 University of Technology- Baghdad Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
Teachers’ And Students’ Perceptions Of Types Of Corrective Feedback On The Form Of Writing Shler Mohammed_Ali Najmaddin Assist Lecturer Darbandikhan Techncial Institute English Langauge 2010 Bilkent University Turkey click here to download 
Enterprise strategic change management Darko Mohammed Jaza Othman Assist Lecturer Technical College of Administration Commerce/Managment of Org. 2011 Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University Ucraine  
Geospatial business directory  Abbas Mahmood Ahmed Assist Lecturer Darbandikhan Techncial Institute Computer Science/IT 2012 Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University India  
eدعوى التعويض امام المحكمة الادارية في اقليم كوردستان العراق  Blnd Ahmed Rasul Assist Lecturer Sulaimani Technical Institute Public Law/Administration Law 2014 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
Performance Analysis of CDMA Based Systems With Different Modulation Techniques Shorsh Kareem Ahmed Assist Lecturer Darbandikhan Techncial Institute Engineering 2014 European University of Lefke Cyprus  
Role of Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition in Bladder Cancer Osama Hamid Shareef Assist Lecturer Halabja Techncial Institute Biology/Microbiology 2012 University Of Huddersfield United Kingdom click here to download 
Asset & Stock System for KIR (Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology)  Sarkhell Sirwan Muhammed Assist Lecturer Computer Science Institute Computer Science/IT 2007 Kingston University United Kingdom click here to download 
Computer Modeling of a Turbojet Combustion Chamber with Distributed Air Admission Sarkawt Rostam Hassan Lecturer Technical College of Engineering Engineering 1990 University of Baghdad Iraq  
Secure Multi Ouner Data Sharing for dynamic Groups in the Cloud Zanyar Ali Ahmed Assist Lecturer Chamchamal Techncial Institute Computer Science/IT 2014 SRM University India  
Design & Implementation of Software System for the Jubilee Line (London Underground) Soran Ab. M. Saeed Assist Professor Computer Science Institute Computer Science/IT 1999 University of Greenwich United Kingdom  
?? Noor Ghazi Mohammed Jameel Lecturer Technical College of Informatics Computer Science/IT ?? ??   
Effect of organic matter dynamics on phosphate availability in calcareous soils Muhammed Saeed Rasheed Assist Lecturer Halabja Techncial Agricultural College Agriculture 2010 Salahaddin University Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
سانسۆری رۆژنامەگەری لە هەرێمی كوردستان Karzan Mohammed Ahmed Assist Lecturer Sulaimani Technical Institute Media/Press 2011 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
Are GKN1 and GKN2 gastrokine genes Distinctive diagnostic marker for gastric cancer? A molecular Investigation Amer Abdullah Hasan Assist Lecturer Kalar Technical Institute Biology/Microbiology 2013 Gaziantep University Turkey  
Bluetooth PAN (Personal Area Networks) NiNa Aziz Hassan Assist Lecturer Technical College of Informatics Engineering 2013 Brunel University United Kingdom  
Syntheses, characterization, biological activity and fluorescence properties of bis-(salicylaldehyde)-1,3- ropylenediimine Schiff base ligand and its lanthanide complexes Ary Bahman Faiq Assist Lecturer Technical College of Health Chemistry/Biochemistry 2011 Jordan Univerdity of Science and Technology Jordan  
A comparative study of Aeromonas hydrophila isolated from local waters and clinical samples Belal Abdul-Rahman Muhammad Lecturer Halabja Techncial Institute Biology/Microbiology 2005 University of Baghdad Iraq  
Study of some physiological and biochemical changes in renal stone Former patients  Kaniaw Rafat Khafar Assist Lecturer Sulaimani Technical Institute Physiology 2013 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
Investigation into the Difficulties Encountered by Kurdish Postgraduate Students in Academic Writing at the University of Sheffield: Implications for EAP Writing Tutors Hogar Mohammed Tawfeeq Assist Lecturer Computer Science Institute English Langauge 2013 The University of Sheffield United Kingdom  
العلاقات الدولية والدبلوماسية والامن القومى للدولة Sawsan Raouf Fattah Assist Lecturer Sulaimani Technical Institute Law/Diplomacy 2013 Beirut Arab University Lebanon  
Effect of Heat of Fusion Welding on the Explosive Weldments Yassin Mustafa Ahmed Lecturer Technical College of Engineering Engineering 2007 Foundation of Technical Education Baghdad Iraq  
The effects of marriage on decreasing alcohol consumption among women in the developed countries Akam Mustafa Hasan Assist Lecturer Technical College of Health Public/Community Health 2013 University of Sheffield United Kingdom  
Bacterial Contamination and Some Heavy Metals in Particular Reference to Arsenic in Drinking Water of Duhok Province Karzan Abdullah Mohammed Assist Lecturer Halabja Techncial Institute Environmental Science 2010 Duhok University Iraq-Kurdistan Region click here to download 
The effectiveness of antiviral drugs on the outcomes of patients hospitalized with Influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 infection during the 2009-2010 Pandemic in the UK Yadgar Hussein Hama-karim Assist Lecturer Darbandikhan Techncial Institute Public/Community Health 2012 University of Nottingham United Kingdom  
مَخَاطرُ التَّدقيقِ الالكتروني وأثرُهَا على جَودةِ المَعْلُومَاتِ المَحَاسَبيِّ Honar Mohammad M. Ameen Assist Lecturer Darbandikhan Techncial Institute Accounting 2014 Jinan University Lebanon  
A Study on Laminar Flame Propagation by Using Schlieren Techniques for Slot Burner Jassim Mohammad Abdulkarim Lecturer Technical College of Engineering Engineering 2002 University of Technology Baghdad Iraq  
Eco- Biological Study of Alfalfa Weevil Hypera postica Gyllenhal (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) and It's Control by some Entomopathogenic Fungi in Duhok Governorate Rebwar Ahmed Mustafa Assist Lecturer Halabja Techncial Agricultural College Agriculture 2013 Duhok University Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
the role of management by exception of building interpreter leadership Omer Mustafa Mohemmed Assist Lecturer Dukan Techncial Institute Management/Business Administration 2012 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
evaluation of Salivary Interleukin-1beta (IL-1?) Level in Relation to the Periodontal Status in Smoker and Non-smoker Individuals  Shokhan Hama ali Azeez Assist Lecturer Sulaimani Technical Institute Medicine/Surgery 2010 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
Effect of different substrate on the yield and quality of oyster mushroom (Pleyrtus ostreatuus) Hawrez Ali Nadir Assist Lecturer Halabja Techncial Agricultural College Agriculture 2014 European University of Lefke Cyprus  
Effect of different substrate on the yield and quality of oyster mushroom (Pleyrtus ostreatuus) Hawrez Ali Nadir  Assist Lecturer Halabja Techncial Agricultural College Agriculture 2014 European University of Lefke Cyprus  
Investigation Of Enzymes For Difrrent Patients In Liver Disorders Swara Fateh Hawez Assist Lecturer Chamchamal Techncial Institute Biology/Microbiology 2013 University of Pune India  
Client/Servers Clustering Effects on CPU Execution-Time, CPU Usage and CPU Idle Depending on Activities of Parallel-Processing-Technique Operations Zryan Najat Rashid Assist Lecturer Computer Science Institute Computer Science/IT 2012 Universityn of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
Cryptosporidiosis In Sulaimani Pediatric Teaching Hospital And Comparison Of Different Diagnostic Methods For Its Detection Fatimah Mohammed Ali Assist Lecturer Sulaimani Technical Institute Biology/Microbiology 2013 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
Survival after soft tissue sarcoma in England and Wales: does it vary by tumor site Nasih Othman Assist Professor The Presidency of SPU Medicine/Surgery 2004 University of London United Kingdom  
AR-glass fiber reinforced concrete in construction Pshtiwan N Shakor Assist Lecturer Darbandikhan Techncial Institute Engineering 2011 University of Pune India  
How Positive and Negative Electronic Word of Mouth can Affect Consumer Purchasing Decision for Smart phones Ako Muhamad Tofiq Assist Lecturer Halabja Techncial Institute Management/Business Administration 2013 University of Huddersfield United Kingdom  
A Study of Some Characteristics of Plasma X-Ray Emitted from Different Solid Targets Using Nd:Glass Laser Sinan Saad Nuuman Assist Lecturer Sulaimani Technical Institute Physics ?? University of Baghdad Iraq  
providing redundancy procedure at the network layer using HSSRP and VRRP protocols khelan Othman Mohammed Ameen Assist Lecturer Technical College of Engineering Statistics&Computer 2014 Sheffield Hallam University United Kingdom  
Does toppling a regime and overthrowing the president occasion a more democratic country Ali Baram Mohammed Assist Lecturer Darbandikhan Techncial Institute English Langauge 2014 Brunel University United Kingdom  
Study Of Vaspin And Some Other Biochemical Markers In Obesity Diyar Akbar Hasan Assist Lecturer Kalar Technical Institute Medicine/Surgery 2014 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region click here to download 
Microbiological study on locally isolated Campylobacter spp from Sulaimani children Seenaa Muhammed Ali Lecturer Technical College of Health Biology/Microbiology 1999 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
Integrated circuit time delays Azad Omer Abdullah Assist Lecturer Computer Science Institute Physics 2014 Newcastle University United Kingdom  
?? Othman Abdulqader Hama Amin Assist Professor Technical College of Administration Accounting ?? ??   
Intestinal parasitosis inrelation to malnutrition among school children age in Erbil Province Abdullah A Hama Lecturer Technical College of Health Biology/Microbiology 2007 Salahaddin University Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
Technical Evaluation And Planning Of Sulaimani Distribution Systems By Using Gis Mohamed A. Hussein Lecturer Technical College of Engineering Engineering 2009 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region click here to download 
Kurdistan Region Power System Voltage Stability Analysis And Enhancement Warda Hussein Ali Assist Lecturer Sulaimani Technical Institute Engineering 2011 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region click here to download 
Optical Modulation in Semiconductor–Clad planar WaveguidesP Asaad Mubdir Jassim Al-Hindawi Proffesor Technical College of Engineering Engineering 1984 University of Technology Baghdad Iraq  
Economic Crisis Management and its Effect on International Relations Bakhtiar Aubaid Sharif No Title The Presidency of SPU Management/Business Administration 2011 Lebanese French University & University of Picardie Jules Verne of Amiens France click here to download 
?? Banaz N. Rashid Assist Lecturer The Presidency of SPU Management/Business Administration 2014 University of South Australia,Adelaide Australia  
Performance of Blended Cement Self Compacting Concrete by Using Slag Hazhar Ali Hameed Assist Lecturer Sulaimani Technical Institute Engineering 2013 University of Technology Malaysia Malaysia  
Design of Next Generation Cellular System Street Furniture Antennas Hemin Ismael Azeez Assist Lecturer Technical College of Engineering Engineering 2012 The University of Sheffield United Kingdom  
?? Raman Aso Ali Assist Lecturer Technical College of Administration Management/Business Administration 2011 Tenaga National University Malaysia  
Study for some factors effecting lipolysis in goat milk Jasim Mohammed Salih Al-Saadi Proffesor Halabja Techncial Agricultural College Agriculture 1997 University of Baghdad Iraq  
Study on the parasites of some fishes from Darbandikhan lake in Kurdistan region Younis Sabir Abdullah Assist Lecturer Technical College of Health Biology/Microbiology 2013 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
Design and simulation of narrow beam optical antenna and broadband microstrip antenna for UWB applications Halgurd Nawzad Awl Assist Lecturer Technical College of Engineering Engineering 2014 University of Birmingham United Kingdom  
Effect of cold work on the precipitation process in Aluminium Alloy 6063  Omer Salih Mahmood Lecturer Technical College of Engineering Engineering 2004 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
The optimum climatic approach for planning and designing the residential area Hoshyar Qadir Rasul Assist Professor Technical College of Engineering Engineering 1996 University of Baghdad Iraq  
An Investigation into the perceived advantages and barriers in the implementation of the Food Safety management system in small premises in Sulaimani Aso Hama Saeed Hama Salih Assist Lecturer Technical College of Health Medicine/Surgery 2012 University of Birmingham United Kingdom  
Isolation of karanjin from pongamia pinnata and it is identification by different analytical technic Faisal Abdula Salih Assist Lecturer Technical College of Health Analytical Chemistry 2010 University of Pune India  
Robust color image watermarking using singular value decomposition technique in frequency transformed domain Salahedin Jalal Fakhredin Assist Lecturer Technical College of Informatics Engineering 2012 University of Kurdistan Iran  
Audio Coding Using Psychoacoustic Model Harith Raad Hasan Lecturer Computer Science Institute Computer Science/IT 2005 University of Baghdad Iraq  
Efficacy and safety of anti obesity drugs with type 2 diabetes Sabah Shareef Mohammed Assist Lecturer Darbandikhan Techncial Institute Medicine/Surgery 2012 University of Sheffield United Kingdom click here to download 
A New Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization -Differential Evolutio Algorithm Fariaa Abdalmajed Hameed  Assist Lecturer Computer Science Institute Computer Science/IT 2014 Johor University Malaysia  
Study the static & dynamic behavior of flexible bellows expansion joints using finite element method  Zainab Safaa Ali Assist Lecturer Technical College of Engineering Engineering 2007 University of Technology Baghdad Iraq  
Adopting some irrigation techniques to improve maize water use efficiency Farhan Ahmad Abdul Rahman Assist Lecturer Halabja Techncial Agricultural College Agriculture 2013 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
The Effect of Interactive Marketing Dimensions on Reinforcing Customer Satisfaction Kadhim Faraj Aref Lecturer Dukan Techncial Institute Management/Business Administration 2004 University of Al- Mustansiriyah Iraq  
Towards Sustainablae Transportaion in Car Dependent Communities Imran Hasan Ahmed Assist Lecturer Darbandikhan Techncial Institute Engineering ?? Deventer University Netherlands  
Design and Implementation of a Smart System for Monitoring Energy Consumption Bilal Asaad Mubdir Assist Lecturer Sulaimani Technical Institute Engineering 2012 University of Baghdad Iraq  
What Can Your Herbarium Do for you Salah Abdulla Salih Assist Lecturer Halabja Techncial Agricultural College Agriculture 2014 University of Reading United Kingdom  
Selective Sanitization of web browsing history  Rozha Kamal Ahmed Assist Lecturer Computer Science Institute Computer Science/IT 2012 Newcastle University United Kingdom  
Survey and classification of some soils from Kurdistan region Salim Neimat Azeez Lecturer Kalar Technical Institute Agriculture 2006 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
Receiver Design for MIMO Systems Hoshyar J. Mohammed Assist Lecturer Technical College of Engineering Engineering 2012 University of Southampton United Kingdom  
أثر تطوير إدارة السياحة على تحسين أداء الخدمات الفندقية Rzgar Hama Rashid Ahmed Assist Lecturer Dukan Techncial Institute Management/Business Administration 2015 Suez Canal University Egypt  
Biometric Authentication Based on Handwritten Signature Verification System Rebwar Mala Nabi Assist Lecturer Computer Science Institute Computer Science/IT 2012 Newcastle University Iraq-Kurdistan Region click here to download 
The Importance of the financial statement analysis in predicting future returns and the importance of accruals Tazhan Mohammed Noori Assist Lecturer Technical College of Administration Accounting 2014 Brunel University United Kingdom click here to download 
FPGA Based OFDM systems Salim Qadir Mohammed Assist Lecturer Technical College of Engineering Engineering 2011 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
ادارة التعليم الخاص في اقليم كوردستان بالتركيز على مؤسسات المعوقين فی السليمانية ، اربيل ، دهوك Nian Kamal Rashid Lecturer Sulaimani Technical Institute Management/Business Administration 1994 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
Research of Satellite telecommunication channel Bandwidth (channel capacity) Mushtaq Faraj Qader Assist Lecturer Sulaimani Technical Institute Engineering 2013 Tula state University Russia  
The Development of Integrated Framework to Managing Data Integrity Risks in Online Banking Systems Noor Haitham Saleem Assist Lecturer Computer Science Institute Computer Science/IT 2012 University Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) Malaysia  
statistical analysis of some geotechnical properties in Al- Anbar Province Heba Adnan Ahmed Assist Lecturer Darbandikhan Techncial Institute Engineering 2010 Al-Anbar University Iraq  
حملات الانفال في رسوم فناني كوردستان/العراق Faruq Sabir Mohemad Assist Lecturer Darbandikhan Techncial Institute Fine Arts 2009 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
Internet Usage in the Educational Process Perceived by Faculty Members at Technical Education Institutions in Kurdistan Ismail Mohammed Rashid Lecturer Kalar Technical Institute Education Technology 2012 Yarmouk University Jordan  
المركز القانوني للمواطن في الدساتير العراقية Drivan Abdulqadr Bake Assist Lecturer Technical College of Administration Law/Diplomacy 2010 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
Effects of Thymus syriacus volatile oils on some physiological, immunological and histological changes in CCl4-induced toxicity in male rats Salah Omer Hamabor Assist Lecturer Technical College of Health Biology/Microbiology 2013 University of Duhok Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
Cytomorphometric Image Analysis of Oral Cytobrush Smear in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Mohammed Taha Ahmed Baban Assist Lecturer Sulaimani Technical Institute Medicine/Surgery 2010 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region click here to download 
a modified soft-switching AC-DC converter Anwer Jalal Ali Mohammad Assist Lecturer Sulaimani Technical Institute Engineering 2008 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
Bio-Electric and Bio-Optics Techniques to Determine the Concentration of Milk's Fat Aso Abdullah Saeed No Title Sulaimani Technical Institute Physics 2015 Salahaddin University Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
Relability assessment of Sulaimani distribution network Abdul-Rahman Muhammed Rashed Assist Lecturer Sulaimani Technical Institute Engineering 2003 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
The Reality of laboratory work and its obstacles in Foundation of Technical Education in Kurdistan Region-Iraq Perceived by faculty members. Master Thesis Kurdistan Hameed Mohammed Assist Lecturer Kalar Technical Institute Methodology 2012 Yarmouk University Jordan  
Burden of care upon family of thalassemia children in Sulaimania Governorate Pary Mohammad Azize Lecturer Sulaimani Technical Institute Pediatric Nursing 2001 University of Baghdad Iraq  
Experimental and clinical studies of topical applicationo of glyceryl trinitrate and isosorbide dinitrate on the intraocular pressure Azad Noori Abdullah Lecturer Sulaimani Technical Institute Pharmacy 2002 University of Baghdad Iraq  
Kinetic parametes, activation energy, method modification of L-asparaginas enzyme in organic fertilizers, forest litter and cereal residues Abdolbaset Borhan Karim Assist Lecturer Halabja Techncial Agricultural College Agriculture 2007 Isfahan University of Technology Iran  
Optimum Allocation Of Resource Stock On The Effective Production Activities (Al-Wahda Cooperative Society In Al-Tamim Governerate: As A Case Study) Yaseen Abdulrahman Ahmed Lecturer Halabja Techncial Institute Agriculture 2008 University of Baghdad Iraq  
Relationship between plasma Micro-nutrients and aspects of systemic inflammatory response Mohammed IM Gubari Assist Lecturer Technical College of Health Public/Community Health 2012 Mohammed IM Gubari United Kingdom  
Knowledge and Practices of Pregnant Women Concerning to Preterm Labor in teaching Hospital in Sulaimania City Nasren Ahmad Karem Assist Lecturer Sulaimani Technical Institute Nursing 2007 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
A study on the algal ecology on springs in sulaimaniah province Akram Muhammad Kareem Ibrahim Assist Lecturer Sulaimani Technical Institute Biology/Microbiology 1982 Salahaddin University Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
the relationship between cranial base angle and malocclusion among kurdish adults in sulaimani city: a lateral cephalometric study Khoshy Simko fFtehulla Assist Lecturer Sulaimani Technical Institute Medicine/Surgery 2009 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
A comparative study between traditional genetic algorithms and breeder genetic algorithms Maha Sabah Saeed Assist Lecturer Computer Science Institute Computer Science/IT 2004 Al-Nahrain University Iraq  
Comparison of Analysis Models for Semi Circular Curved Box-Girder Bridge Deck Aso Abdulghafur Faqe Rahim Assist Lecturer Sulaimani Technical Institute Engineering 2013 University Technology Malaysia UTM Malaysia  
Prevalence of obesity and associated factors among secondary school students in Slemani City Kurdistan Region Muhammed Saeed Qadir Assist Lecturer Halabja Techncial Institute Public/Community Health 2015 University Putra Malaysia Malaysia  
A new potentiometric , spectrophotometeric and HPLC analytical method for determination chloropromazine hydrochloride and mebeverine hydrochloride drugs and pharmaceutical formulation Hadeel Ridha Abbas Assist Lecturer Sulaimani Technical Institute Chemistry/Biochemistry 2010 University of Tikrit Iraq  
Molecular approche for detection of drug resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis Gulzar Fatah Abdulrahman No Title Sulaimani Technical Institute Biology/Microbiology 2015 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
دراسة التغييرات التى تحدث لبعض المكونات الكيمياوية فى أوراق نباتات التبغ (Nicotiana tabacum) صنفFlue cured Special خلال عمليات التجفيف بالهواء الساخن والتجفيف بالشمس فى منطقة السليمانية Dara Yara Mohammad Assist Lecturer Bakrajo Techncial Agricultural Institute Agriculture 1983 Salahaddin University Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
Informatics and The Methods of Revitalizing the Urban Heritage Fabric of Historical Cities – Baghdad Case Study Alan Faraydoon Ali Assist Professor The Presidency of SPU Engineering 2002 University of Baghdad Iraq  
Study of Foraminifera and Microfacies of the Avanah limestone (Middle Eocene) Dohuk area, North Iraq Khalid Mahmood Ismael Professor The Presidency of SPU Engineering 1983 University of Mosul Iraq  
CAD/CAM integration for CNC machine tools Mohammed Abdullah Hussein Assist Professor Technical College of Informatics Engineering 1991 University of Technology-Baghdad Iraq  
Development of the international cooperation of Iraq and Russia Nishtman Hassan Mohammed Sur Assist Lecturer Sulaimani Technical Institute Economic 2010 Tula State University Russia ?? 
Study Of Metamaterial Characteristics And Its Effects On Performance Of Microstrip Patch Antennas Chnar Hussein Aziz Assist Lecturer Technical College of Engineering Physics 2013 SHIATS University India ?? 
المقال الاففتاحي: دراسة تحليلية للمقال الافتتاحي لجريدة كوردستانى نوى Karwan Ali Qadir Lecturer Technical College of Administration Media/Press 2009 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region ?? 
What are the Critical Success factors in Cooperation Between Information System - A case study of PING & MOVEX Seran Abdulkadir Kerim Assist Lecturer Technical College of Informatics Computer Science/IT 2012 University of Gothenburg  Sweden  
Creative Writing-The Son of A Patriot: A Novel Jihad Ghafur Karim Assist Lecturer Computer Science Institute English Langauge 2013 Newcastle Upon Tyne United Kingdom  
Allelopathic potential of corn(Zea mays) extracts on germination and seedling growth of some plants and their associated weeds Hiwa Muhsin Ahmed Assist Lecturer Bakrajo Techncial Agricultural Institute Agriculture 2013 Newcastle University United Kingdom  
The Spousal Abuse of Women in Iraqi Society Sazan Karim Muhammed Assist Lecturer Technical College of Administration Law/Diplomacy 2008 University of Colorado-Denver USA  
Occurrence of Aluminium concentration in surface water samples from different areas of Pune city  Tareq Hama-Ameen Abdullah Assist Lecturer Halabja Techncial Institute Chemistry /Environmental Science 2012 BVIEER University India Click here to Download 
Modelling of Compensation in Long Running Transaction Rebaz Mala Nabi Assist Lecturer Technical College of Informatics Computer Science/IT 2014 Leicester University United Kingdom Click here to download 
Administrative court and its role in guaranteeing law sovereignty in Iraqi Kurdistan Sonya Aziz Hussein Assist Lecturer Darbandikhan Techncial Institute Law/Diplomacy 2014 Alexandria University Egypt Click here to download 
An analysis of the challenges facing global companies entering the Kurdistan Region Bezhan Hussein Yaba Assist Lecturer Technical College of Administration Management/Business Administration 2013 Sheffield Hallam University United Kingdom  
physical and chemical characteristics of Kurdistan region honeys,Iraq Ibrahim Majeed Faraj Assist Lecturer Bakrajo Techncial Agricultural Institute Agriculture 2014 Cairo University Egypt  
Finger-knuckle print recognition based on modified phase only correlation Aram Mahmood Ahmed Assist Lecturer Computer Science Institute Computer Science/IT 2013 Northumbria United Kingdom  
Selection of computer programming languages for developing distributed systems  Shadman Qadir Salih Assist Lecturer Technical College of Informatics Software Engineering 2014 De Montfort University Leicester United Kingdom click here to download 
Application of Universal Design In public building in Putrajaya Rebaz Jalil Abdullah Assist Lecturer Technical College of Engineering Urban Planning Engineering 2014 University Technology Malaysia Malaysia  
Optimizing condition for spawn production,composting and cultivation of white button and oyster mushroom in Jordan  Saman Mohammed Mohammed-Amin Assist Lecturer Kalar Technical Institute Biotechnology 2011 Yarmouk University Jordan  
Anti-Theft Android Based Application Chra Ali Kamal Assist Lecturer Computer Science Institute Computer Science/IT 2013 University of Huddersfield United Kingdom  
إطار مقترح لتحليل المشاكل التمويلية التي تواجه المشروعات الصغيرة والمتوسطة بإقليم كردستان-العراق: دراسة تطبيقية Chia Mohammed Hassan AL-Zangana Lecturer Kalar Technical Institute Management/Business Administration 2010 Yarmouk University Jordan  
Intensity Noise Reduction by Using Semiconductor Optical Apmlifier (SOA) Kanar R. Tariq Assist Lecturer Technical College of Informatics Engineering 2014 University Technologie Malaysia Malaysia  
Purification And Characterization Of Karadi Sheep’s Milk Protein And Its Relationship With Yoghurt Quality kocher jamal ibrahim No Title Halabja Techncial Agricultural College Agriculture 2015 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
Global Market Opportunity and International Expansion (The Case Study of Baker Street Food Company) Amanj Mohamed Ahmed No Title Darbandikhan Techncial Institute Accounting 2015 University of Wollongong Australia Click here to download 
A Biochemical and Immunological Investigation of Leaf Development in Capsicum frutescens Jalal Omer Ahmed Assist Lecturer Bakrajo Techncial Agricultural Institute Agriculture 2011 University of Wolverhampton United Kingdom  
prediction of roll load and roll torque in ring rolling process Hameed D. Lafta Assist Professor Technical College of Engineering Engineering 1998 University of Baghdad Iraq  
Genetic Site Determination of Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Pseudomonas aeruginosa by Genetic Transformation Sabiha Sharif Salih Lecturer Bakrajo Techncial Agricultural Institute Biology/Microbiology 2008 University of Baghdad Iraq  
electronic management for college of arts in khanaqin Haider Sabri Asad No Title Kalar Technical Institute Management/Business Administration 2011 Lebanese French University Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
Wireless Fire Fighting Robot (FFR) with 3-Axis Hose Karzan Mohammed Taqi Assist Lecturer Chamchamal Techncial Institute Mechatronics Engineering 2013 University of Baghdad Iraq click here to download 
Isolation, characterization and anti-microbial resistance patterns of oral Streptococci in nasopharyngeal sample of patients in Halabja, Iraq Rafee Habib Askandar No Title Halabja Techncial Institute Microbiology 2015 Islamic Azad University Iran  
Power Quality Improvement Performance Using Hybrid (Solar Wind) Energy for Distributed Power Generation Sarkut Ibrahim Mahmood  Assist Lecturer Chamchamal Techncial Institute Electrical Engineering 2013 SHIATS University India  
اثر استراتيجيات ادارة الموارد البشرية في الأداء الوظيفي jalal abdalla muhammed Lecturer Sulaimani Technical Institute Business Administration,HRM 2010 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
The Integration of Treatment Process for Ambulant disabled and its Influence on Rehabilitation Centers Designs Chro Ali Hama Radha Assist Lecturer Technical College of Engineering Architectural Engineering 2010 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region click here to download 
Study Of Water Quality Of Pashan Lake, Pune, Maharashtra  Kawa Khwarahm Hamafaraj Assist Lecturer Halabja Techncial Institute Agriculture/Environmental Science 2013 ?? Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
The Impact Of Quality In Good Product Design-Field-Study At A Sample Of Companies In Industrial Sector Haider Saleh Mohammad Assist Professor Kalar Technical Institute Future Studies/Quality Study 2004 Mustansiriyah University  Iraq  
؟ Sazan Fathi Sharif  No Title Bakrajo Techncial Agricultural Institute Soil & Water Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
Design and Implementation of The Local Area Network Using HDLC Protocol Alaa K. Jumaa Lecturer Technical College of Informatics Computer Engineering/DB & IS 2004 University of Technology /Baghdad Iraq  
Augmented Reality: A Narrative Layer for Historic Sites Rozhen Kamal Mohammed-Amin No Title Technical College of Engineering Environmental Design M.E.D 2010 University of Calgary Canada Click here to download 
New Walk Museum Online Guides featured with (CMS and GeoLocation) Hawre Khdher Abdulla Assist Lecturer Sulaimani Technical Institute Software Engineering 2014 University Of Leicester  United Kingdom  
N A ?? Hawre Khdher Abdulla Assist Lecturer Sulaimani Technical Institute Software Engineering 2014 University of Leicester United Kingdom  
Patient Information Management System Hozan Khalid Hamarashid Assist Lecturer Computer Science Institute Computing 2013 Coventry University United Kingdom  
Physiological profiling of greenhouse based stress-bioassays of grapevine (V. vinifera cv. Zweigelt) Jawdat Ahmed BAKR Assist Lecturer Bakrajo Techncial Agricultural Institute Horticulture/Hydroponics 2010 BOKU- Universität für Bodenkultu Wien Austria Click here to download 
Diagnosis of gastrointestinal tract parasites in feral pigeons (Columba livia) and their effects on some serum biochemical parameters in Sulaimani province-Iraq.  Mohammed Abdulkareem Wahhab Assist Lecturer Kalar Technical Institute Veterinary Medicine 2015 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
mobile base lan monitoring system Sirwan Mohammed Aziz Hamafaraj Assist Lecturer Darbandikhan Techncial Institute Computer Science 2014 Bharati Vidyapeeth University India  
A framework of prevention mechanisms against DDoS attacks Blnd Hazhar Mahmood Assist Lecturer Technical College of Informatics Internet and Security 2014 University of Nottinghman United Kingdom  
Energy Efficient Reconfigurable BTS Antenna Choman Khalid Ali Assist Lecturer Sulaimani Technical Institute Elecrical Engineering 2013 Sheffield University United Kingdom  
Developing a‘thixoforming cell’ for aluminium alloys Kawan Mahmood Abdulrahman Assist Lecturer Technical College of Engineering Mechanical Engineering 2014 Sheffield University United Kingdom  
Critical Investigation of the Nature and Management of Exchange Rate Risk faced by UK Companies Investing in Business Operations in Dubai  Chnar Abdullah Rashid Assist Lecturer Technical College of Administration Accounting and Finance 2012 Sheffield Hallam University United Kingdom  
دور التدقيق الداخلي في تحسين اداء المؤسسات الحكومية -دراسة تطبيقية في جامعة گةرميان-وزارة تعليم العالي والبحث العلمي Soran Mohammed Ameen Habeeb Assist Lecturer Kalar Technical Institute Accounting 2013 Lebanese University Lebanon  
Taxonomic study of bees in some localities of kurdistan region- iraq Havall mohamed amin ahmed No Title Bakrajo Techncial Agricultural Institute Plant Protection 2015 University of Sallahaddin Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
Design, Construction and Control of Single Axis Electromagnetic Levitation System using FPGA Rawaz Othman Hassan No Title Sulaimani Technical Institute Electrical and Electronics Engineering 2015 Gaziantep University Turkey  
مافى ذيانى تايبةت لة ياسا و ايتيكى روزنامةكةريدا The right to privacy between low and ethics of journalism Shwan Adam W. Aivas Assist Lecturer Sulaimani Technical Institute Media ethics  2010 University of Sulaimani  Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
Creating Relational Databases for design of Large database application system and Departmental Target Responsibility System Dana Lattef Hussein Assist Lecturer Computer Science Institute Computer Science\IT 2013 University Of Nottingham United Kingdom  
القيم الاخبارية التلفزيونية في فضائية گەلی كوردستان  Hawneaz Sami Saber Assist Lecturer Technical College of Administration Media\Television 2011 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
The spousal abuse of women in Iraqi society Sazan Karim Muhamed Assist Lecturer Technical College of Engineering Law\Criminal Justice 2008 University of Colorado USA  
Site directed mutagenesis, Cloning and Expression of bacillus cereus phosphatidylcholine preferring phospholipase C gene (pc-plc) in Escherichia Kameran Mohammed Ali Assist Lecturer Kalar Technical Institute Molecular Microbiology 2013 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
الموطن الداخلي وانوطن الدولي بين القانونين المدني والدولي الخاص Rewaz Faeq Hussein Lecturer Sulaimani Technical Institute القانون المدني 2007 Koya University Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
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