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Title of PhDAuthorsScientific TitleCollege/InstituteField of StudyYear of PublicationUniversityCountryLink of Download
Title of PhDAuthorsScientific TitleCollege/InstituteField of StudyYear of PublicationUniversityCountryLink of Download
Statistical analysis of machining parameters for prediction of surface roughness values using knowledge based system for nickel based Hastelloy C-276 2011 Basim A. Khidhir Lecturer Technical College of Engineering Engineering ?? Universiti of Tenaga Nasional Malaysia  
Investigation of the pass geometry in combined backward - forward extrusion process Ayad Faik Shahab Lecturer Kalar Technical Institute Engineering 2004 University of Technology Baghdad Iraq ?? 
Ultrasound finding in stroke patients in Sudanese citizen Bakhtyar Kamal Mohamed Lecturer Sulaimani Technical Institute Radiology 2014 Sudan Medical Specialization Board Sudan ?? 
An Integrated Approach to Machine Tool Selection and Machine Loading in Designing and Planning Flexible Manufacturing Cells Sarkawt Rostam Hassan Lecturer Technical College of Engineering Engineering 2013 University of Malaya Malaysia ?? 
Phishing Detection Using Email Features and Body Extracted Words  Noor Ghazi Mohammed Jameel Lecturer Technical College of Informatics Computer Science/IT 2013 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region ?? 
A study of stability diffusion flame propagation of industrial burner Jassim Mohammad Abdulkarim Lecturer Technical College of Engineering Engineering 2012 Damascus University Sudan  
Pathological effects of the cytotoxin extracted from a locally isolated Campylobacter jejuni Seenaa Muhammed Ali Lecturer Technical College of Health Biology/Microbiology 2010 University of Baghdad Iraq  
Epidemiological Study and Molecular Characterization of Echinococcus granulosus In Sulaimani Abdullah A Hama Lecturer Technical College of Health Biology/Microbiology 2013 Duhok University Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
Blind Colour Image Watermarking Techniques In Hyprid Domain Using Least Significant Bit And Slantlet Transform Harith Raad Hasan Lecturer Computer Science Institute Computer Science/IT 2014 Johor University Malaysia  
The Consecution Impact of Strategic Orientation and Behavior on Excellence Performance:An Analytic Study... Kadhim Faraj Aref Lecturer Dukan Techncial Institute Management/Business Administration 2010 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
دور القيادات الابداعية في استثمار رأس المال الفكري واثره في الاداء المنظمي المتميز دراسة استطلاعية لاراء القادة الاداريين في جامعات اقليم كوردستان Nian Kamal Rashid Lecturer Sulaimani Technical Institute Management/Business Administration 2010 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
Identification of soil map units and vegetation indices using geoinformatics techniques for Garmyan, Kurdistan Region Salim Neimat Azeez Lecturer Kalar Technical Institute Agriculture 2013 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
An Econometrics Study Of Sunflower Production (Sulaimani Governorate -: As A Practical Case) Yaseen Abdulrahman Ahmed Lecturer Halabja Techncial Institute Agriculture 2002 University of Baghdad Iraq  
The Effect of Political System on Architectural Identity- Iraqi Kurdestan Region Case Study Alan Faraydoon Ali Assist Proffesor The Presidency of SPU Engineering 2010 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
Detection of Respiratory Syncytial Virus and Human Metapneumovirus in Hospitalized Children With Respiratory Tract Infections Ali Hattem Hussain Bayati Assist Professor Technical College of Health Medicine/Surgery 2013 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
An investigation into establishing a generalised approach for defining similarity metrics between 3D shapes for case-based reasoning (CBR) Soran Ab. M. Saeed Assist Professor Computer Science Institute Computer Science/IT 2006 University of Greenwich United Kingdom  
Cleint-Server based Remote Access through the Internet Mohammed Abdullah Hussein Assist Professor Technical College of Informatics Engineering 2007 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
Biostratigraphy and Paleoecology of Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary in Sulaimani,Kurdistan Khalid Mahmood Ismael Professor The Presidency of SPU Engineering 2010 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
Epidemiology Of Burn Injuries In Sulaymaniyah Nprovince Of Iraq Nasih Othman Assist Professor The Presidency of SPU Medicine/Surgery 2010 University of Nottingham United Kingdom 
Study for goats and cow milk proteins and their relation with allergy Jasim Mohammed Salih Al-Saadi Professor Halabja Techncial Agricultural College Agriculture 2002 University of Baghdad Iraq  
Slot – Coupled Microstrip Patch Array Antenna Fed by Rectangular Cavity Resonator Asaad Mubdir Jassim Al-Hindawi Assist Professor Technical College of Engineering Engineering 1993 Varna Technical University Bulgaria  
Reducing costs by using Re-Engineering process approach, an applied study othman abdulqader hama amin Assist Professor Technical College of Administration Accounting 2011 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
The Effect of Political System on Architectural Identity- Iraqi Kurdestan Region Case Study) Alan F. Ali Assist Professor The Presidency of SPU Engineering 2010 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
Architecture and technology (the analytical study to the technological act in architecture) Hoshyar Qadir Rasul Assist Professor Technical College of Engineering Engineering 2003 University of Baghdad Iraq  
Synthesis, Characterization And Anticancer Study Of Some Transition Metal Complexes Of Flexidentate Schiff Base Ligands Derived From Indole-7-Thiosemicarbazone/Thiocarbohydrazone Abeer Abduljaleel Ibrahim Lecturer Technical College of Health Chemistry/Biochemistry 2014 University of Malaya Malaysia 
Identification, Characterization And Functional Analyses Of A Novel Beta-Catenin Associated Protein,FLYWCH1 Belal Abdul-Rahman Muhammad Lecturer The Presidency of SPU Biology/Cancer Molecular Biology 2013 The University of Nottingham United Kingdom  
Modeling the interactions between fluid-granular medium by coupling CFD–DEM, including heat transfer Sherko Ahmad Flamarz Al-Arkawazi Lecturer Kalar Technical Institute Engineering 2014 University of Picadie Jules Verne France click here to download 
Modeling And Optimization Of Multi-Passes Welding Of Titanium (Ti – 6al – 4v) Alloy By Response Surface Method Yassin Mustafa Ahmed Lecturer Technical College of Engineering Engineering 2015 University of Tenaga National Malaysia  
إطار مقترح لتحليل المشاكل التمويلية التي تواجه المشروعات الصغيرة والمتوسطة بإقليم كردستان-العراق: دراسة تطبيقية Chia Mohammed Hassan AL-Zangana Lecturer Kalar Technical Institute Management/Business Administration 2015 Mansoura University Egypt  
analysis and design of passive nutation daming of dual spin spacecraft Hameed D. Lafta Assist Professor Technical College of Engineering Engineering 2004 University of Baghdad Iraq  
Parascapular Pedicle Fasciocutaneous Flaps for Regional Reconstruction, Evaluation Study Dana Abdilmagid Abdilkarim Lecturer Technical College of Health Medicine/Surgery ?? Iraqi Board of Medical Specialties Iraq click here to download 
Proposed System For Privacy Preserving Distributed Data Mining Using Enhanced Algorithms Alaa K. Jumaa Lecturer Technical College of Informatics Computer Engineering/DB & IS 2013 University of Sulaimani Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
Augmented Experiences: What Can Mobile Augmented Reality Offer Museums and Historic Sites? Rozhen Kamal Mohammed-Amin No Title Technical College of Engineering Environmental Design PhD 2015 University of Calgary Canada Click here to download 
دور الصحافة في خلق الوعي الاجتماعي والثقافي والسياسي بإقليم كوردستان العراق Yahya Omer Fatah Assist Professor Technical College of Administration Media/Press 2010 Omdurman Islamic University Sudan click here to download 
عقود التأمين من المسؤولية وضمان الإستثمار في ظل قاعدة نسبية أثر العقد Rewaz Faeq Hussein Lecturer Sulaimani Technical Institute القانون المدني 2012 University of Sulaimai  Iraq-Kurdistan Region  
The Impact Of Language On The Expression And Assessment Of Pain In Children Aged 4-7 Years: A Mixed Methods Study Pary Mohammad Azize Lecturer Sulaimani Technical Institute Health Applied Study/ Pediatric Nursing 2012 Plymouth University United Kingdom click here to download 
Media in an emergent democracy: the development of online journalism in the Kurdistan region of Iraq Karwan Ali Qadir Lecturer Technical College of Administration Media/Press 2015 University of Bradford United Kingdom ?? 
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